Tips for Maintaining Privacy on The Internet

6 Tips for Maintaining Privacy on The Internet

Friends, don’t you realize that everything we do every day is connected to the internet? It would be very difficult to separate our lives from this digital world, right?

For example, if you want to buy or use a service, you must enter personal data. Even registration for education, health services, and other services can be done online.

Unfortunately, we also can’t guarantee whether the data can be safe or not, right? What if personal data will be leaked and misused by irresponsible people? You must be familiar with cases of data being lost and sold by hackers, right?

This data leak problem will always exist. Because cybercrime efforts always have people. It’s just that, as digital media users we can also prevent this. So, to prevent this, you can do the following:

1. Always Upgrade System

Do you know that the system of the device we use will always update regularly? Well, this system update will usually provide good news. Where errors, bugs, and also protection (user protection) will also be improved.

So, if you often use a smartphone, be it iOS or Android. Keep doing system updates when an update notification appears. Likewise with laptops and PCs that you usually use. Because, by following updates, security is also getting better and has been upgraded too.

2. Don’t Carelessly Enter Strange Sites and Click Dangerous Links

Do you know that there are many people who spread phishing links? Not only that, there are many dangerous sites that they deliberately create to ensnare victims. Well, one way is to make sure the link you are going to is secure.

Try to avoid accessing links that don’t use “HTTPS”. At least if you use the HTTPS link then whatever you do with the site is encrypted.

In addition, try not to easily believe in scam sites that offer strange services. For example, an investment with the lure of too large a profit. Or an account hack service that will lead to hacking your own account.

3. Don’t Carefully Install Applications

Still related to the second point, make sure you don’t just install applications on your laptop or cellphone that you use. We recommend that you check the installed applications regularly to avoid tapping the device. The reason is, there are now a lot of eavesdropping applications circulating and used by hackers.

For example, an application to tap WhatsApp. If you are a WhatsApp user, you should also learn how these applications work. You can learn the WA tapping application reviewed by Teknogram. There is a lot of information about popular applications that are often used by eavesdroppers, ranging from how they work, to their advantages and disadvantages.

So stay careful, don’t let one of the suspicious applications on your device so that the security of your private data is maintained.

4. Password Manager

Your account is often hacked just because you use a weak password? There is even a possibility that all of your social media accounts will be hacked if your passwords are all the same and weak.

This is why you need a password manager service to manage random password usage. You will be provided with a service to get a strong and secure password.

In fact, the bank itself also asks us to change passwords regularly, right? Do not use date of birth, month of birth, year to real name. It’s easy for you to remember. But, hackers are also easy to guess and hack your important account later.

5. Wisely Use Public Wifi Services

Who often hangs out and deliberately uses public or public wifi services? Don’t do it too often or too long. Because, with this service, it is very easy for people to hack your important data. You don’t want this to happen, do you? For that just use a personal connection or wifi at home, yes!

6. Use Incognito Mode When Surfing

You can use this disguise with Incognito Tab mode on the browser you are using. Or, you can use a VPN service. Unfortunately, if you use a VPN you also have to be careful. Do not open important applications such as mobile banking. Because, it’s easy to get banned or your account can’t be used again later.

Well, those are some ways to keep you safe using online media. Do not carelessly provide personal data if the purpose is still unclear, yes!

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