Aesthetic Wattpad Cover

Super Easy Way to Make an Aesthetic Wattpad Cover

For those who make writing a hobby, maybe you have the desire to share short stories to your novels. Currently, there is Wattpad that can be used as a platform to publish your work. As long as you have registered as a user, you can access and read many stories uploaded there.

For those who want to upload stories, you need to prepare a Wattpad cover for the story series and novels that will be uploaded. The presence of this design can be an initial spear to attract the attention of potential readers. Therefore, there are things that need to be considered to make an attractive design.

Important Things in Making a Wattpad Cover

Before you start designing, you need to know some important aspects. Starting from the story genre, characters, to other editing effects. If you are able to combine correctly and combine creatively, the end result will certainly not disappoint.

Wattpad cover size

In the early stages, you need to know the Wattpad cover size. Even though they both use the term cover, the size cannot be the same as the one on Facebook or the Twitter header. The recommended size is 256 x 400 and multiples thereof. It can also be 512 x 800 pixels or made into 768 x 1200 pixels.

The larger the pixels, the design quality will be HD and not cracked. But you also need to know if a platform like this also has a maximum size for the file. But that’s okay and you can still continue designing with high pixels. If the size is too large, just compress it to the maximum size.

Combination of genre and character

After knowing the recommended and recommended Wattpad cover sizes, you can start brainstorming to work out the design concept. So that you don’t lose your way, you can combine it with the writing genre as well as the main character of the story.

You can find references from many sources, one example is Pinterest. You can enter the keyword cover Wattpad in the search field. After that, many choices will appear, ranging from simple to dominated by other graphics.

You can also still find inspiration from other sites. Call it WeHeartIt, Tumblr, or even from your Instagram explore column. If you take the time to look for ideas, you’re sure to get plenty of sources and can choose which one suits your preferences, genre, and design.

Quality and filters

For those who are familiar with the design, in addition to adjusting to the size of the Wattpad cover, you also need to consider filters and photo quality. The higher the pixels and high definition, your edits will also be of higher quality.

If you want to sweeten your edits, you can also adjust filters and other aspects of settings. Starting from the overlay, saturation, and other details, you can tamper with and change the level so that you can match the colors and other details. This method can be an easy complementary seasoning to add a dramatic impression of the cover that represents the content of the story.

Applications for Designing Wattpad Covers


For those who are not very good at editing programs, Canva can be used as a mainstay for making Wattpad cover designs. Just create an account by registering an email, you can access this site easily. In the search field, just type Wattpad book cover and you will be directed to the available template options.

You just have to choose which design suits your novel. The text and images can also be edited and adapted to your initial concept. Besides being able to be accessed on laptops and PCs while online via browsers and applications, you can edit them through apps on your cellphone.


For those who prefer to do the editing process on mobile, it is mandatory to install and operate PicsArt. Editing apps are fairly easy to tinker with because they have a simple and not confusing interface. You can easily adjust the pixel size and even combine text with images in a few clicks.

After the Wattpad cover creation process is complete, you can just save it and it will automatically be saved in the gallery. If you have the Wattpad application installed on your cellphone, it can be uploaded directly without the need to export it and upload it via the website.


For those who are experts and are good at editing, maximizing Photoshop to design a Wattpad cover may be possible while closing your eyes. After finding the idea and design reference, you can immediately set the Wattpad cover size according to the recommended pixels.

After that, you can freely choose the type of font, overlay, to effects that match your previous design concept. Don’t forget to save the file so that it can be overhauled at any time if needed without the need to start editing from scratch.

Having the ability to string words that can thrill the reader’s emotions is indeed an initial provision for those who want to make stories. As a platform that can be used as a place to upload works, you are indirectly required to balance it by creating an attractive Wattpad cover design.

The more interesting the design, of course, it will make potential readers curious about the contents of the story. If you don’t have free time or have difficulty learning to edit this image, you can pay for design services to your friends who are really good at design. There must be sacrifices to produce total content, right?

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