5 Best Websites To Check Internet Speed

5 Best Websites To Check Internet Speed

Currently, the internet is a part of our lives, almost every home has an internet connection. Many use the internet for various reasons such as downloading movies, videos, software, and more.

But when you go out and you want to download movies, video files, or software from another computer, you should know the internet speed before downloading anything. Because the download time affects the speed of the internet connection.

Therefore, it is very important to know the speed of your internet connection, here I will tell you some websites to test internet connection speed.


1. Speedtest.net

With an attractive appearance and quite complete features, Speedtest is one of the most popular websites that provide features to measure internet speed. By default speedtest will take the location of the internet provider that the user is using, to determine the location of the test server. But we can also choose the location from which the internet speed is tested. after the test is complete we can see in detail how fast the ping, download, and upload speeds are. Then the option will also appear to share it to several social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.


2. Fast.com

If you want to measure internet speed easily and quickly, fast.com is the right choice. Although the features are not as complete as speedtest.net, this site can be a reference for how fast your internet speed is.


3. Testmy.net

In contrast to fast.com, the testmy.net site provides detailed speed reports. We can choose whether we only want to test the download speed or upload speed only. Then the complete results will appear along with a graph of your connection speed

4. Meter.net

With meter.net we can measure the speed of ping, downloading, and upload. Same as speedtest, but this site guarantees the checking process only takes 30 seconds. We can also choose the server location.


5. BandWidthPlace.com

This site can also be an option to measure internet speed. With complete features and a simpler interface, bandwidthplace.com has also become a popular internet speed-measuring site. In addition, we also provide a display of test results with a graph.

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